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Unsure how video could improve customer engagement? Confused about where to start?
Want to boost sales or put yourself in front of more potential clients?

Creating video is often regarded as time consuming and expensive. If you or your team are lacking the expertise and skills to create video that really highlights how great your business is, then it can often be pushed to back of your marketing projects.


For nearly a decade J Productions have been producing cost effective video to help businesses grow. We can assist you in increasing visibility, building confidence in your brand, growing your target audience and positioning you ahead of your competitors.

We work directly with you to tailor solutions for your exact video requirements and help guide you simply through the process. Unlike larger video companies, we do not have a 'one model fits all' template, rather we would pride ourselves on building a meaningful business relationship with you, the client, to better understand your project and its goals and then adapting content based on analytics feedback.


Not only will video increase your audience, it also has the power to enthuse and create a buzz around your brand and message. Video can raise awareness and reinforce your position in the industry, whilst simultaneously making your target audience feel personally involved.



If you want to grow your business, convey your message both visually and verbally and give people a reason to share your brand with a wider audience, then you should deliver your content using the fastest growing communication medium.

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The Sound of Music

They say the art of a great edit, is not noticing the edit and perhaps the same could be said about soundtracks. We can all think of classic theme tunes, the list is endless, but when was the last time you watched a film and really appreciated the difference a good score can make.

Jetplane Landing - Beat Generation Ha!

Back in 2013 I had the immense pleasure of creating a music video for one of my favourite and inspirational bands, Jetplane Landing. Their energetic live shows oozing with charisma and killer tunes were a staple part of my twenties. 

London County - 'The Brilliance Series' 2015

I have been working with Neil Burns of London County to create a number of videos which document the different days of 'The Brilliance Series' 2015. I have enjoyed filming in some of sports most iconic venues and meeting some remarkable people from the world of business and sport.







John Peddie produces quality creative work, on time, and with an outstanding level of quiet professionalism that enables the client to feel like a long-term friend. His ability to listen to the client's requirements and understand the brief is exceptional, but his greatest strength is the capacity to bring his own ideas to the table in a gentle but firm way to ensure the final production is brilliant. In the modern world of digital communication, John's offering is ideal for companies big or small who want to get their message across to key audiences.
Neil Burns - Director, London County
There is a TON of video available on the internet. There are some crazy statistics about the number of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every day. And, of course, all that extra material has no correlation on the actual QUALITY of the content. High quality video content with excellent production and direction is not something you can take for granted, and it IS something that will make your video content stand out from the crowd. And there is no better producer/director for high quality video than John Peddie. With a critical eye for the finest detail, and the capability to...
Michael Fox - Head of Global Field and Partner Enablement, EMEA at VMware
John has always proved to be very creative, easy to work with and able to add value through his understanding of my business along with being able to advise as to how best that can be interpreted visually. A great partner.
Steven Connolly - Centre Director at Festival Place
John added value way over previous videographers I have used. In particular, he coached me through the process - after each take I was given confidence that it could be used, but John suggested another take with a tweak here & there...and it's this real-time feedback that added a huge amount to quality of the final production. It's a real skill to be able to shoot the video and instantly provide feedback about how it could be better. The feedback I have received from colleagues and clients since getting the video published has been fantastic. I was way out of my comfort zone when...
John Thompson MD & Adviser - Your Next Mortgage
John has worked on several video projects for our business and has consistently produced work of the highest quality. He is at all times professional, efficient and reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Gerri Benis - GE Oil & Gas