Inspire your audience with compelling video content

Allow your business to become a living, breathing entity with personality, passion and drive. With video on your website, shared via social media, as well as used in your blogs and newsletters, you’ll reach and engage with your audience.

Whether it's your first time creating video and you're struggling to know where to start and the thought of being on video is quite frankly terrifying! or you've been creating video content, but are looking to improve your production value or find a new supplier, your business matters to me and I'm here to help you.

I offer London production house quality and experience without the associated costs.

Building great business partnerships is what I thrive on and helping businesses grow through the planning of their video strategies is what excites me most.

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My passion is producing world class videos that show off your online personality and brand. My team and I work hard to capture the essence of what you do and bring it to life for your audience. I love creating video, but understanding you and your business is far more important than getting all technical with gear and the latest gadgets.

John Peddie, J Productions

Some of our clients:

"There is no better producer/director for high quality video than John Peddie.”

Michael Fox, VMware

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My team and I are brimming with ideas that will help you achieve success with your videos and Iove helping businesses like yours to unlock the power of video to help you achieve your targets.

John Peddie