Why should I use video for my business?
22nd March 2018
Internal & External messaging experts
9th May 2019

Do I need to be in my business video/s?

People buy from people and putting yourself on video is the next best thing to meeting face to face. I mean here I am now talking directly to you and chances are I’ve never met you.

Video is the best online communication tool and who better to give those key messages than you.
Being in your videos allows your audience to get to know you and grow to trust you. You don’t need to be the slickest presenter – having the odd fluff actually shows your real and not just a sales machine.

There aren’t many of us who actually enjoy being on video, and I’d be one of the first to put my hand up and admit to that, but actually over coming your fear of being on video will open you up to a whole load of possibility for your business. After a while, you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it!