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18th July 2017
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22nd March 2018

Why should I use video for my business?

Video is by far the best way to communicate with your audience online and it should play an important role in your marketing strategy. if you’re not using video you’re missing a huge opportunity and no doubt falling behind your competitors. Every day more content is being delivered online by video 5 billion videos are viewed on youtube alone each day and it won’t be too long, before the majority of web content is predominantly video based.

People love to consume video. You’re watching this for starters. We’re visual beings by nature and you can get across far more information in a short video and keep your audience engaged for longer than you can with reems of text, which can put people off from even want to read.

The stats speak for themselves.

Video boosts conversions by 80%.

74% of people who watch a product video go on to buy the product.

As the cost of video production comes down (because let’s face it, you can make engaging video content on your phone these days) 83% of businesses say that video provides a good Return on investment.

Video builds trust. Give your audience the content they’re looking for and start building long term relationships. Become their go to guide for whatever it is you provide. 57% of consumers say that video gives them confidence to buy online.

Google loves video you’re 53 times more likely to rank first on Google if you have video on your website. Remember Google owns youtube, which, I guess tells you all you need to know.

90% of consumers watch video on their phones. People love watching video on the go. (have you ever sat on a train and watched what people are doing)

and lastly video encourages sharing 76% of online users say they would share video if it was entertaining.

So don’t get left behind – get creating video and grow your business with video.