A Great Video Partner

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9th May 2019
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9th May 2019

A Great Video Partner

KIS is a Marketing Agency that also provides branding, design and digital expertise to clients throughout Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. 

They adopt a simple but effective approach at every step and work closely with clients to help them stand out and engage with their audiences. Although they work with clients across all sectors, they specialise in healthcare, property and technology. 

They were looking for a videographer that could work alongside them, and their clients, in the long term; to help achieve their goals. And it was important they formed a collaboration with one that held similar values in customer service, creativity and professionalism.

Simon Lipyeat, Director at KIS explains how he met John (J Productions) and why he believes working with him long term has helped KIS achieve their video project goals:

As a marketing agency, we regularly need video content. So we were looking for a good videographer that could add value to our brand and that of our clients”.

He continued to explain that he met John a few years ago, and, through a chance conversation, found that he liked what John had to say about the use of video for business. 

Simon shares his experience of what it’s like to work alongside John

We needed more than a ‘yes’ man!

What impressed us, as a team, was John’s creativity, and his positive attitude. But also, as a creative bunch ourselves, it was essential to get additional thoughts and ideas to add to the mix. We didn’t only want a videographer that would deliver what they were told. We needed an independent, creative thinker that would add value to each project – we did not want a ‘yes’ man.

Often, the journey is as important as the end goal

We always know what the end goal is for each project and it’s essential for us to work with people that can be part of the journey that takes us to that goal. John is flexible and committed, but also competitive when necessary, making him a great addition to our team.

Working with John on a project

We start each project ‘in house’ with a storyboard process. We then share this with John and talk it through. It’s at this stage he will challenge when necessary, and help us to make improvements by using his experience and expertise in video to complement our creative ideas, always adding his own.

He ensures he knows the brief, the individual project goals and our clients. And that, to us, is important. The outcome is a team collaboration that gives the best results for our clients.

The filming process

John has a talent for getting the best out of people during filming! It’s one of our biggest challenges but John helps us overcome this with his exceptional people skills.

He also has brilliant business acumen and can see what needs to be added to highlight specific points that will benefit the particular client and the film subject.

Simon summed up the experience of working with John by saying:

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to other companies. Without exception, the results of each project are excellent. Put simply, John just ‘gets’ our clients and us. 

He takes our two-dimensional thoughts and overlays them with magic dust! 

Not only is he friendly and approachable, but he’s also insightful, focused and a great partner to have on a project”.

Simon Lipyeat, Director, KIS Marketing Agency