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22nd March 2018
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9th May 2019

Internal & External messaging experts

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GEFCO provides global and integrated management and optimisation of the logistics chain for its industrial customers. Working within one of the most demanding sectors, GEFCO responds to the globalisation of industrial flows and the needs of international customers facing global and complex challenges.

They aim to support customers’ development by combining competitiveness and reliability throughout the supply chain.

GEFCO is renowned for the reliability of its services. However, communication in such a specialist arena is challenging. And creativity is key to effective messaging both for our internal and external customers. 

Rachel Seal, Marketing Communications Manager, shares how working with J Productions has been a big step forward in overcoming their messaging challenge:

Rachel Seal – Marketing Communications Manager – GEFCO UK

In 2018, we decided that, as an organisation, we would take our marketing in a different direction.

This meant putting the project out to tender with various agencies who could help us not only determine the direction but also guide us through. It was at this point we concluded video would play a big part in our new strategic positioning and would set us apart from the competition.

Once we had our strategy, we needed to find a videographer who could deliver the results we needed.

We knew of John (J Productions) through our other division Freight Forwarding who had used him previously and highly recommended him.

Our goals, initially, were to produce a video for a forthcoming exhibition and test the water around how the video footage would be received and shared. That went extremely well and, from that, we’ve continued to build a relationship with J Productions and used them to produce several videos to complement our marketing strategy.

The right video production company will provide more than just ‘the man with a camera.’

The process we have found works most effectively is to provide John with a basic brief, outlining our requirements and our goals for the particular project that will be linking to our strategy at that time. From this, we then meet with him to discuss.

During those discussions, we build on the brief, share ideas and agree on a creative direction. We’ve found John to be very passionate and knowledgeable, and he’s able to advise us on ways to make our films more creative and appropriate for the audience. One of his many strengths is his ability to build a story around an idea. 

He also understands marketing which is beneficial for us all.

John will recognise challenges then find solutions

One of our biggest challenges as a company is to convey the right message to appeal to our complex audience, and in a way they can easily understand. We target, and offer solutions, to different sectors in our niche; so each message needs to be handled slightly differently. And John appreciates and delivers on that criteria. His ability to ‘tell a story’ has been hugely influential in us achieving positive outcomes through video.

J Productions coach and mentor to build client confidence

As we progress through our 2018/19 strategy, our video journey is evolving. It’s becoming more intuitive and integrating into the rest of our strategy. And as we continue to work with John, he’s teaching us more. Equally; because we have built a mutually respectful relationship, where everyone feels comfortable enough to share, we can John more relevant information about our company which enables him to deliver even better results with each project.

What’s great is that we are learning together and working as a team, even though John is a contractor.

Videos produced by J Productions have produced positive results for GEFCO UK

We are confident video works for us as an effective communication tool.

Messages through film can be more effective than literature, and feedback on the videos we’ve produced with John prove that even complicated messaging can be understood if executed well.

For example, we launched a video for our Sheerness site in early February. And although I can’t share the figures, I can confirm it generated a lot of very positive interest.

We will definitely continue our plans to produce a series of films with J Productions.

GEFCO UK recommend J Productions when creating communication videos for your business

John is extremely flexible in his approach to work. He’s able to recognise where you’re coming from creatively as a business and translate that into producing a great video.

Also, he has access to additional resource when required – always fitting around our schedule to make it easy for us.

John is so helpful, and that makes such a difference when you’re busy and have other priorities or projects running in tandem.

We would recommend J Productions without hesitation.

Rachel Seal, Marketing Communications Manager, GEFCO UK

If you’re looking for a video partner for your business to help with your internal or external messaging, call John 01276 788110 or email