Meet John

Meet the man behind the camera

I was raised on Kid’s TV in the 90s. Live and Kicking, Grange Hill and The Big Breakfast were among my favourites. And the trend to show what went on behind the camera; witnessing the production crew in action; had me hooked. It had to be the best job ever.

Then years later, when making choices for my GCSE’s my mum reminded me I had wanted to be a cameraman. I remember thinking “Oh yeh…can you actually do that?!

I studied TV and photography at college. Then joined the production crew of a popular shopping channel. Not quite The Big Breakfast I agree, but it was a fantastic experience and taught me much about live TV. But a year later I still wasn’t comfortable with the questionable workplace culture. I was expecting fun, creativity, problem-solving as a team. And everyone pulling together to achieve goals. Sadly that wasn’t what I experienced then, but I’ve made sure it is now.

Unbelievably, we didn’t make it to Top of the Pops, but we went way further than any of us expected over the following years until it came to an amicable end. ☺ So then followed various roles as an assistant housemaster at a prestigious ballet school; a youth worker for the local church; and a role

supporting young people with autism and a TA at a secondary school. Looking back I can identify all these roles played a vital part in making me good at what I do today — collaborating, observing, listening. I was often guiding people towards a result or a path they couldn’t necessarily see for themselves.

With the stability of marriage and family life came my desire to return to my original ‘game plan’ of a career in videography and film production.

Family life teaches valuable lessons. And my kids are my reason for…well…pretty much everything! They’ve ensured I’ve become an expert in many of life’s important things. Like navigating Ella through traffic at the busiest times of the day; to get to the essential classes that every girl must attend (apparently). Ballet, theatre, and swimming - the list goes on.

From my son, Daniel, lessons in life come from the need to know EVERYTHING; as the questions of a three-year-old are relentless and usually revolve around Pirates or Knights.

A whole new world has opened up through the eyes of my kids, and I love it.

Food, travel and music are my meditation!

I could pretend I’m into working out, eating healthy food, yoga, meditation and all that’s associated with the perfect modern day man. But Kate will confirm, I’m probably not that guy. I’m very creative though, and not toooo bad at cooking!

Like any business owner and family man, time is in short supply. So I multitask and make sure my hobbies fully relax me. My Wife introduced me to the delights of ‘real’ food - I was a die-hard beans on toast guy. But now, I love to spend time eating out with her and or sharing meals with our extended families.

And as she speaks French and German, we travel through Europe; and keep in touch with the many friends we’ve met there. I say we. she does – I’m a guy and not so great at the ‘catch up chats’.

Music is also an escape. I sing. A lot. Badly. Which is why I formed a punk rock band. But I promise I don’t sing during filming. ☺

Understanding the stories behind bands and artists like The Manic Street Preachers, Johnny Cash and the Sex Pistols have always been a driver in my creativity. Music carries so much more meaning when you understand where it came from and the legacy left from it.

And another confession: I do like Taylor Swift (just don't tell anyone - you'll ruin my street cred). I blame my daughter and those frequent car journeys we share. Football is another passion. And before I was married, West Ham was everything to me. Why West Ham? Because my brother supported Liverpool so I couldn't, of course. Having a season ticket at a club like the Hammers teaches you that, on the day, with hard work and the right approach you can beat the very best and overcome the impossible occasionally.

That links to my work too. I get enormous satisfaction from being able to offer smaller businesses the experience that is usually only affordable to giant corporations. But mostly, being a West Ham supporter has taught me to lose with dignity and love the underdog!

And I'm probably at my most relaxed in front of the TV with a glass of Leffe beer watching a film that makes you consider life and its deeper purpose. Not superhero movies, sorry. Actually, I’m not sorry. Being part of your team

This page is an opportunity for you to see who’s behind the camera and who heads up the team at J Productions.

Because to choose the right videographer, you need to know not only their credentials - and you can check mine here and here – personality fit is an essential factor also. Whoever you choose to work with will often become a part of your team throughout the project. You need to trust them to guide you towards your goals. They should be sharing creativity and fun.

A recent client said he would sum me up as “a serious guy who doesn't take himself seriously” I liked that.

Life experience and character will, without question, inform business decisions and client relationships. There’s more to life than work, of course. But the two bump and collide in everyday situations. Each will influence the other. So it’s vital to achieve a balance between the two. I try to accomplish that: but nobody's perfect...

So if you agree with previous clients that I’d be the perfect fit to manage your film project and that the J Productions credentials are of the highest standard; make the call now! 01276 788110

  • With a critical eye for the finest detail, and the capability to transform what might be bland corporate content in to a production that holds an audience's attention, J Productions can be relied on to develop not just excellent commercial videos, but also highly engaging documentary productions.
    Michael Fox
  • J Productions added value way over previous videographers I have used. In particular, he coached me through the process - after each take I was given confidence that it could be used, but John suggested another take with a tweak here & there...and it's this real-time feedback that added a huge amount to quality of the final production.
    John Thompson
    Your Next Mortgage
  • John has consistently produced work of the highest quality. He is at all times professional, efficient and reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
    Gerri Benis
    GE Oil & Gas - Farnborough
  • (John is) able to add value through his understanding of my business along with being able to advise as to how best that can be interpreted visually. A great partner.
    Steven Connolly
    Centre Director - Festival Place Shopping Centre
  • John asked us a lot of questions about our brief so we knew we were in safe hands and trusted him on the day to capture our client event. Throughout the day he came up with additional creative ideas and content-related recommendations and directed these with us. Whilst John was filming in the room all day, he was unobtrusive and he felt part of our team. We were so happy with the show reel he produced; capturing both the functional and emotional sides of our event. In just 2 minutes we can now show what benefits clients get from us, so John shoots with longevity in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone looking for any kind of video.
    Martin Norbury
  • John really goes over and above to add value. It's very valuable to us, so thanks John!
    Kate Lester
    Diamond Logistics

"I'm passionate about the work I do, and I can't wait to help you bring your idea to life"

John Peddie