video production hampshire

9th May 2019

What I learned from being in my own video

Once I had the date to record the video I started to panic. This video is going to be online for a good while and a lot of people will see it. One of my immediate thoughts was “I don't want my bald, round face haunting me for next… however long.”
9th May 2019

A Great Video Partner

They were looking for a videographer that could work alongside them, and their clients, in the long term; to help achieve their goals. And it was important they formed a collaboration with one that held similar values in customer service, creativity and professionalism.
22nd March 2018

Do I need to be in my business video/s?

Video is the best online communication tool and who better to give those key messages than you.Being in your videos allows your audience to get to know you and grow to trust you. You don't need to be the slickest presenter - having the odd fluff actually shows your real and not just a sales machine.
22nd March 2018

Why should I use video for my business?

Video is by far the best way to communicate with your audience online and it should play an important role in your marketing strategy. if you're not using video you're missing a huge opportunity and no doubt falling behind your competitors. Every day more content is being delivered online by video 5 billion videos are viewed on youtube alone each day and it won't be too long, before the majority of web content is predominantly video based
7th July 2017

7 compelling reasons your business needs video on its website

Are you using video on your website? If you’re not, you’re missing a trick. What about your competitors? Are they getting the benefits of video while you’re missing out? If you’re unsure what benefits it could bring you, here are our top seven reasons to use video on your site: